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Landscape with Wood Deck Patio


Drafting l Design l Planning l Permits

Alonso Landscape Inc. | Palmdale, CA

New RV Access Driveway and Curb Cut

We designed this drought-free landscape for Andres the Owner, of Alonso Landscape Inc. to save his client on water usage. On the left of the home, we design an RV Access driveway and curb cut, we first had to draft plans and submit the planning and public works department.

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Concrete steps we designed to lead to the homes main entree way and concrete paths that direct you to the driveway and main parking area. Drought-tolerant artificial grass was used to keep maintenance at a very low. A new wrought iron door was designed to accommodate the RV and boat access entree way.

Before Driveway and Landscape Design
After Make-Over



During Construction and After

Backyard Design of Tile and Grass
Backyard Wood Decking
Mckenny's Residence

Mckenny's Residence Project

Landscape & Pool and Spa Plan
Landscape Design- Site, Pool Plan & 3D Views of Backyard
Luxe Pool and Spa Plan

Plans & 3d Views