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Rock Landscape Design and Installation

Landscape & Hardscape Design Services

PDC | Design+Drafting can create beautiful and responsive landscape and hardscape designs that include low water use irrigation systems and drought-tolerant planting. Our plans/blueprints and presentations include three-dimensional illustrations of the scenery we are trying to project for a real-life feel an easy to process visualization of the design intended.


Landscape Architect:
Through our strategic alliances with several landscape architects, we provide full-service if any landscape engineering is required by the municipality for such as larger commercial projects or the personal preference of our clients.

Site Analysis/Preliminary Design:

A preliminary phase of the landscape and urban design processes dedicated to the study of the climatic, geographical, historical, legal, and infrastructural context of a specific site will take place to achieve the necessary desires for your outdoor living.


Sample of Landscape Design Projects  click here

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