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Modern Interior Design

Interior and Exterior Remodeling Design Services

PDC | Design+Drafting includes the new layout design+drafting+planning and any engineering that may be required for the new space. Our plans/blueprints and presentations include three-dimensional illustrations for a real-life feel and easy to process visual of the design intended.

Engineering and Reports:

We provide any engineering or reports if required by the municipality such as; structural calculations for non-typical construction, soils report, energy analysis report known as "Title 24", surveys, and civil.

Construction Documents:

PDC | Design+Drafting prepares detailed documents in-house for all our projects. Each project is detailed as necessary for the construction and permitting of the design by the projects' current municipality jurisdiction. All required structural engineering plans and calculations will be sealed and stamped by our licensed engineer.

Design & Presentation:

Will include a material and color board with designated color palettes for walls, and finish materials samples. The design planning process will include 3D/isometric views of the design and colored renderings that can be provided for clarity of the new design being presented.



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