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Construction Bidding and Negotiation Services

PDC | Design+Drafting offers our clients a proven and simple bidding process to ensure the most responsive and qualified general contractor is selected. Drawing from our extensive network of qualified general contractors we specifically select at least three general contractors to prepare detailed bids for each project.

Construction Bidding & Negotiation Process::

Once your plans have been approved and a ready-to-issue "building permit" has been assigned your project is ready for construction bidding negotiation. We then select and pick normally 3 to 4 professional general contractors/home builders to bid on your project by providing them with a set of approved plans to review and submit an estimate. This will assure and give you that peace-of-mind that you are getting a solid estimate that will then turn into a quote as opposed to an estimate that can dramatically fluctuate without a set of approved plans to review, we call that winging it.


Partial bid package for food-service equipment, furniture, millwork, and a variety of other specialty trades can be prepared for clients who want to contract directly with specific vendors.


We also provide owner-builder construction management services directly to the building owner.

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