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Drafting l Design l Planning l Permits

Arteaga Residence AKA "The Red Door House" | Van Nuys, CA

Full Residential Remodel

This was "The Red Door House" project that required some demolition of unpermitted areas and an added side carport along with a bit of spice for the entryway to bring up the curb appeal located in Van Nuys, California.

We took this cookie-cutter style home and added a semi-covered entree area to provide shade, and a red door creating a welcoming feel which gives the house that curb appeal as well.


The landscape was kept simple with horizontal lines for the planters, walkway that leads you to the entryway giving it somewhat of a modern look. The same horizontal lines were incorporated for the fencing as well for that straight clean look.

14244 Emelita St. Van Nuys, CA 91401

Architectural Home Rendering

Rendering of preliminary design

During the preliminary design, we had incorporated a red double door with a slim window above it to bring some natural lighting into the interiors entryway. Natural stone and eifs to wrap around the top and bottom of the entry tower were applied with a circular window in the center of the tower along with light fixtures on each pillar for ambiance effects but sadly was done away during the construction phase do to budgeting purposes.

Van Nuys Project Under Construction.jpg

During demolition


Before demolition took place

Van Nuys Project copy.jpg

After construction

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Brunswick Ave- Home Remodeling

4231 Brunswick Ave. Atwater Village, CA.

Pictures Represent a Visual Rendering of Front Elevation, Before and After Remodel of Construction.


Brunswick  Ave. Residence

During the preliminary design, we had incorporated a single full window door to bring in natural light for the entryway at this Atwater Village home located in Southern California. We removed a half octagon window at the right-hand side of the home to modernize the look and gain patio area. We designed natural stone to wrap around the bottom of each pillar,  but during construction, we made a change for a more cost-effective and modern design by minimizing the labor yet not compromising the curb appeal.

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Shermn Oaks, CA


Visual Rendering of Second Floor Addition

Sherman Oaks Palms

Spanish bungalow Residence 1st-floor remodel and 2nd-floor addition.


Going from Spanish bungalow to a modern look with a metal roof for that European twist.​


Incorporating the same modern clean horizontal lines into its front yard landscape using minimal grass and palm trees for low maintenance.

Brusilovsky 4508 Tobias Ave Sherman Oaks

After Construction of Second Floor Addition.

Trees were not removed at the time this picture was taken.


Landscape Area; view from garage side entry.


We kept straight horizontal lines for a very modern landscape.


Materials used for the perimeter of the pool was Basalt tile a natural stone that looks to be wet and slippery but is not. 1" Mosiac tiles around the inside walls above water level and at the water spillover drop from the spa.

Pool equipment was hidden by horizontal cider wood for a beautiful disguise surrounded with some green vegetation.


Landscape Area; view from garage side entry.

Strong and Bold Personality

Interior was designed in such a way that it gives a European vintage flair we played with raw unfinished finishes such as concrete for the ceiling and on some interior walls to create interesting accent feature walls. This setting goes well with a modern, vintage, European or Scandinavian style interior furniture for a very strong bold personality.