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Conditional Use Permit & Conditional Use Beverage

PDC | Design+Drafting would be more than happy to assist with the processing of your conditional use permit aka "CUP" or conditional use beverage aka "CUB".


Through most jurisdictions, a specific series of drawings are required; which we will provide for the submittal to the local planning departments.


Conditional Use Permit:

Conditional use permits are permits that allow for a different use than what is traditionally allowed in a specified zone. In other words, if you want to put a church in a residential area you can as long as specific regulations are met and approved by the zoning authority. This conditional use permit is voided in the event conditions are not met.


Conditional Use Beverages:

PDC | Design+Draftting has prepared conditional use beverage (alcohol liquor license), has prepared over 100 successful Exhibit A documents in the City of Valencia and Los Angeles alone.


Revocable Dining Permits:

For the processing of a sidewalk dining permit through most jurisdictions, a specific series of plans and table layout drawing is required. The clarity and completeness of our documents contribute to expedited approvals.


CUP/CUB Projects  click here

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