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Change of Use Permits

PDC | Design+Drafting can help with your change of use permit we will provide the appropriate plans for the planning process and for the submittal of plans to all the departments involved to obtain your Change of use permits.

If your opening a new business, hire professionals to help you pull that change of use permit we are here to help.

Change of Use:

A change of use occurs when there is any change n the use of the facility and in the occupancy of a building that could trigger a change in the code requirements that apply to the site. For example, a maintenance building converted into a gymnasium or a warehouse space into an indoor sports facility. Change of use permits change the existing use of the space and must meet requirements specified by that new use.


Certificate of Occupancy:

Change of Use permits once approved, will also require a new certificate of occupancy for the new space. Essentially that space is now certified for that new use as long as the basic permit requirements are met. This change of use permit and certificate of occupancy will stay with the property for the life cycle of the parcel.  Should our permit expediter decide another change of use or any other construction take place these documents will provide a history and precedence for the city to use.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How are Change of Use Permits different from Conditional Use Permits? 

A: Conditional use permits are permits that allow for a different use than what is traditionally allowed in a specified zone. Change of use permits essentially change the use of the space, different types of businesses have different intent of use for a building and must meet requirements specified by that use.

Q: So, why do change of use permits take so long?

A: Change of Use permits take a little longer because there are more departments the application must go through. Normally, city planning will need to review the plans, site maps, and other specific criteria. The city planning division will inform you of all the departments required.

Q: How long should you expect when applying for a change of use permit? How much will the fees be? What will I need to apply for the permit?

A: Review times, fees, and submittal requirements also depend on the jurisdiction, size, and scope of your project.


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