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Image by Stephen Leonardi


Bakshi Residence

Drafting l Design l Planning l Permits

Bakshi Residence Estates | Goa, India

Custom Mansion

This is a Concrete tilt-up construction type residence-mansion.

This three-story mansion was designed with commercial storefront like windows and bi-folding glass doors overlooking the ocean views from the balconies, and its glass see-through railing.

This mansion is made up of two residences that have been mirrored to each other in design. Each residence is divided by a terrace and has its own side courtyards, front entrees and a rear entree thru a circular iron staircase directly from the parking structure into their own master suites.



The homes each have a beautiful atrium entrance that reaches to the third floor with glass skylights at the top peak that draws the sun rays from the day and the moon's light during the night lighting up all three floors.



The ground floor contains  circular wrap around the parking structure and property entrance. The first floor is considered to be the main floor which has it's kitchen, dining and living room. Located at the very top floor is the master suites overlooking amazing views throughout the whole day and night of hillsides and ocean views.



Clean lines were incorporated into its landscapes using minimal grass for low maintenance, decorative pavers, stone walls, and a very modern-looking pool at the rear of the residences.


Materials & Finishes

Interior finish materials are of the finest India has to offer. We kept the paint palette with neutral colors. You will find crown molding through the whole house including the ceiling.


The light sconces will light up the hallways, staircase and a beautiful 26 light fixture chandelier that hangs from the center of the skylight lights up the central staircase. A circular skylight above the center of the circular staircase was designed for natural daylight during the day and a pleasant night like light from the moonlight at night. We incorporated a decorative black wrought iron staircase rail with a dark wood handrail that matches the front entree double door. 

Statement of Qualifications- Custome Hom