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Construction Administration Services

PDC | Design+Drafting provides construction administration services on all their projects to ensure compliance with the construction documents if requested by the client.


We can provide bi-weekly (twice a month) or monthly site visits that take one or two hours for a fee of approx. $250 per visit during the construction phase in assisting the contractor/home builder. We will clarify if the contractor has questions by all means of communication. The designer would revise the drawings if a significant revision is needed (only the designer on record is allowed to modify the drawings, and this is a law). Changing heating systems, windows, walls, etc. can all be significant revisions.

Construction Administration for Owner-Builder:

This provides the same services as above except with the exception of customizing some extra services for the building owner/client for instance; assisting the building owner/client in the review of payment requests by the different municipal agencies and field change orders or the selection of finish materials if no finish materials schedule was provided with the drafting services or in-depth site observations, either way, we are here all the way thru.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What do you estimate the costs would be if we were to ask the designer to take on a CA role? 

A: $250 a month for 6 months of regular visits (for a total of $1,500). In addition, you can expect one or two actual design changes at four hours each for approximately $1,000. 

Q: Would we pay the designer on an hourly basis?  

A: Yes. You pay as you go for what you need or want. 

Q: What does it mean when you say your designer “may want to step back” if we opted not to engage you in construction admin? Are there tasks you were planning to do on the project that you no longer would?  
A: If we are not consulted as changes are made by the contractor, then we are exposed to liability. For example, something may be built wrong (e.g., not built to code, not built according to drawings, or done without engineer consultation). Or something may be done that you don’t like. In either case, it comes back to the designer, and the designer is not going to work for free to fix things that they should have been consulted about before problems occurred. However, If there is a verifiable mistake in our drawings, we will, of course, agree to correct the problem at no charge.

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