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Wooden Garage


Drafting l Design l Planning l Permits

Palm Ave Residence | Monrovia, CA

New Detached Garage

This is a 2 vehicle detached garage job located in Monrovia California.

This remodeled bathroom's first move was to remove the shower tub combo area space and replacing it with a stand-alone bathtub for a vintage but modern look. By removing this stand up shower tub combo we created a much larger and open space feel for the clients relaxing bubble baths that the client loves so much. 


When site observation took place we realized that there was a linen/towel closet that can easily be turned into an all-glass stand-up shower by closing the door on the other side of the closet and opening walls to the bathroom side for a much grandiose plan.


After submitting plans and obtaining approved plans with building permits from the City the client was ready to begin demolition and construction. While in the construction phase we decided on more modern materials and we added a rectangular window for more natural lighting. New windows require new window permits that were submitted over the counter in Los Angeles City.


Monrovia, California

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