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Design a Stunning Shed

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

When it comes to creating a beautiful shed you must first come up with a design layout. Your sheds design should involve a few steps to follow for a nice functional design. Take a look at your land-of-the-lay to help your design ideas you don't want anything that stands out like a sore thumb. Visualize what you have in mind, note all your essentials i.e...make a list of what your "Must Have's" are. Good Luck!

Add vegetation to your shed

When creating your shed you can:

  • Plant vegetation around its perimeter

  • Trellis above entry

  • An entry way design like stone or pavers

  • Planter boxes under windows is another way to bring vegetation

Customize the look of your roof by adding a function and decorative air vent or a false window that can acts as a skylight.

DYI shed

Love #dyiIdeas? Good news!

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