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Looking For A Residential or Commercial Building Designer?

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Tectonics in architecture is defined as "the science or art of construction, both in relation to use and artistic design." It refers not just to the "activity of making the materially requisite construction that answers certain needs, but rather to the activity that raises this construction to an art form." It is concerned with the modeling of material to bring the material into presence: from the physical into the meta-physical world.

“To undress architecture and to re-discover its primordial gesture.”

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Addressing Housing Insecurity for Underserved L.A. Community College Students



VISION. IMPLEMENTATION. CREATION. PDC | Design+Drafting is a contemporary building and Interior design team, our goal is to bring the most talented and creative design solutions to each project at a competitive price. This effort is done on our part to provide our clients with the best solutions to the needs of their program of use and their budget.


Our mission is to create long-lasting relationships with our clients. We believe by leveraging the integration of the newest technology and keeping a vigilant eye on the evolving CAD/BIM principles we will help support the building and manufacturing industry to improve business practices that enable excellence in communications and collaboration.​


SERVING: Los Angeles, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Kern, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties.

Pro Design Creations

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Pro Design Creations is an entity dedicated to outstanding performance a high level of experience and the ability to provide strong design capabilities, attentive and effective service to its clients. We pride ourselves in communicating and listening carefully to client's needs to bring our years of experience and talents into focus toward the final result. This way we can provide our clients with the finest quality of service and personal attention along with cost-effective and functional design.


PDC | Design+Build is the primary contact with each client and serves as the project manager and is involved in all aspects of the creation of the design and all decision making throughout the project with the client's approval.


The firm utilizes computer software (CAD) in the development of all phases of the design process. Construction documents and specifications are more clearly presented and understood. Our conceptual design services take advantage of three-dimensional modeling to assist in the understanding of the design alternatives.

Present clients and design assignments are currently for small corporations, contractors, business owners, residential owners, realtors, property investors, and in the healthcare field.


We are responsible for the design process while preparing, directing the coordination of structural, title 24, MEP's, and construction documents (plans) for our clients' projects. We assist with plan check submittal for permit processing to obtain all approvals and building permits by the current City or County agency. This includes any applicable corrections to the plans required by the different agencies. We conduct meetings with associates in discussion to project size, use of space(s), and probable construction cost (bid and negotiation). 


Our consultants; vary from geologists for soil reports, land surveyors, civil, structural to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers.

Looking For BLUEPRINTS That Comply To Building Codes?

We Draft And Coordinate BLUEPRINTS In Accordance To The Current Codes.




We are truly your One-Stop Solution by providing residential and commercial Design+Drafting services from as-built drawings, schematic design, design development to construction documentation and coordination of plans with our consultants for a responsible design plus the assistance with permit processing (i.e...submitting plans and applications to all agencies required) to obtain building permits for construction.


Custom Home  l  Additions  l  Remodels  |  Pools  |  Landscape 

We Specialize In:

New Custom Homes

Home Additions

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's)

Kitchen Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Interior Design


Offices  l  Retails  l  Restaurants  l  Health  l  Warehouse  l  Manufacturing  l  Industrial


We Specialize In:

New Building Design

Tenant Improvements (T.I.'s)

Conditional Use Permit (CUP)

Liquor License (CUB) Type 47

Interior Design

After Make-Over
Accessory Dwelling Unit, ADU Design
Boursalian's Residential Estate
Retail shops design and planning
Restaurant Interior Remodeling Design
Kitchen remoeling design

We Don't Just Draft!

We Will Design Your Next Home Or Office Space!


Services Offered; are in the profession of technical drafting, design, and the allied arts.


Basic Design Services; are in the areas of Custom Single or Multi-Family Residences, Office Building, Retail Shop, Medical Office, Restaurant, and, Warehouse. We specialize in custom homes, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, interior design, and tenant improvements.


Basic Typical Services; include programming, preliminary schematic design, design development, construction drawings and specifications, coordination of plans with our consultants for a responsive design, assistance in obtaining all construction permits, bids and review of construction.


Plan, section, and elevation, each incorporates these forms in abstraction and is synthesized with functional need into a three-dimensional design. By rendering a 3D model to scale and implementing your concept design we can bring it to life.

The conceptual design utilizes three-dimensional modeling to assist in the understanding of the design alternatives.


Software Cameras: Built-in state-of-the-art cameras enhances and define various viewports as well as creating isometric views and animated walkthroughs for real-life experience. A complete floor plan with finalized finishes for the specific area to be rendered is required to begin the image processing. You can add furniture for a real feeling of space. Click here for examples


3D Rendering & Illustration: Utilizing elite software programs the 3D model will represent quality details including textures, finishes, and color with integrated global real-life illumination. From these illustrations and renderings, we can develop multimedia art for brochures, advertising, sales display, and on-site signs during construction to display your new project.

Statement of Qualifications- Custome Hom


What are the first steps to get started on a design?


  • Set-up a meeting to discuss the clients’ budget, needs, wants, and must-haves to realize a dream design.

  • Provide a FREE estimate/quote.

(If the previous step is accepted continue)


  • Write a proposal/contract regarding the job's scope-of-work.

(If the previous step is accepted continue)


  • Visit the property for field notes, measurements for our "Measured Drawings".

  • Start the schematic design phase.

  • Meet or remotely discuss the schematic design to be finalized.

  • Submit preliminary design to the planning dept. for acceptance of the proposed design.

(Once the planning dept. grants permission continue to the next steps)


  • Identify the other consultants required for our team and assist with their appointments.

  • Dispatch and discuss the final schematic design with consultants for their preparation of required reports.

  • Begin the technical drafting of the construction documents.

  • Coordinate consultants required reports, construction plans, and application forms to submit to the agency(ies).


  • Submit proposed or construction plans to City or County agencies for approvals.

  • Wait for City or County official's approvals or corrections- This time frame varies from the different municipalities, once plans are received we will correct and re-submit corrections provided by the agencies in a timely manner.

(If the building and safety has approved your project, continue to the next steps)


  • You have been approved- Obtain your building permit(s) and you are on your way to starting your building project.



  • Bidding and Negotiation- Disperse the approved plans for builders or tradesmen of your choice to bid on your project.

What can I expect from our consultation meeting?

A free initial consultation is a conversation over the phone for us to get to know each other and to discuss what you're intending to propose. A design consultation gives you a designer's expertise for a limited time at a reasonable deductible price i.e,...a deposit. Think of a design consultation as a house call: we visit your home, discuss and sketch possibilities, and answer basic questions about costs and construction alternatives for various home improvements. During this meeting, it's best to communicate your ideas clearly and ask lots of questions. Find out the designer's approach, fee schedule, deliverables, and what they think is important about your project. ... Assess whether the designer listens to your needs and confirms that he or she understands them.

How long does the City or County take to review plans for building permits?

This, of course, varies on the department and how busy they are at that current moment you may be submitting plans. The size and type of project also play a big role in the time frame of plan check completion. Typically a small addition/remodeling job (under 500 sq. ft.) in the City of L.A. can be submitted and reviewed over the counter on the same-day but in the L.A. County departments it can take 4-12 weeks, it all depends on what particular County office submittal will take place.


  • Submittals to the City of L.A.'s regional planning dept. is not always required for smaller interior remodeling projects. However you will always have to submit to the building and safety dept....i.e. if existing walls are demolished, and or plumbing fixtures and electrical are being relocated.

  • Same-day permits can be issued in the City of L.A. and some other cities and counties for small additions under 500 sq. ft. and or interior remodeling per standard building code.

Why is the conceptual/preliminary design important?

Conceptual Design is an early phase of the design process, in which the broad outlines of function and form of something are articulated. It includes the design of interactions, experiences, processes, and strategies. From a client's perspective, it helps with the visual of the space layout and final design. It helps with the feasibility study of a project. It allows for a preliminary design review by the planning dept, to ensure the requirements of any new building codes that may require the existing structure to comply with, thus allowing a client to create a reasonable budget, design strategy, and approx. timelines.

What are the benefits of creating a conceptual design?

The first benefit to conceptual design is always the clarity it provides of what a product can do and what its intended use is. This is key when creating a product and in some cases without this, the process can encounter major corrections later down the line.

What is the purpose of as-built drawings?

The major purpose of an as-built drawing is to record any modification made during the building process that deviates from the original design. The drawings that are first completed for a planned construction project are not the ones that are needed once the project is finished.

Accessory dwelling unit questions?

For Accessory Dwelling Unit, questions also known as "ADU" click here

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